At Call Us Lucky, our journey is one fueled by a passion for graphic tees, artistic expression, and the unique bond of siblinghood. Let us introduce ourselves:


Chung: The creative soul who believes in the power of visual storytelling.

Jylene: The artist with a keen eye for turning ideas into striking digital designs.

Alex: The visionary who saw the potential in turning our shared passion into something more.


We’re not just siblings; we’re a trio of kindred spirits who find joy in rocking graphic tees that resonate with our personalities. Our love for art extends beyond wearing it – we’re creators at heart. Armed with tools like Photoshop, Procreate, and Illustrator, we craft pieces that reflect our collective imagination.


It was during a visit to our brother Alex in Orlando that the spark for Call Us Lucky ignited. Gathered around, beers in hand, we mused about our shared love for art and design. It was then that the idea of showcasing our creations and sharing them with the world took shape. The name “Call Us Lucky” encapsulated the serendipity of that moment and the fortune of pursuing our dreams.


With a repertoire of illustrations already at our fingertips, we embarked on this journey to put our art on display. Every shirt is a canvas for our creativity, a wearable piece of the passion that drives us.


Our story is still unfolding, and as we navigate the realm of e-commerce, we do so with an open heart. We know we have much to learn, and we eagerly welcome your feedback. It’s your insights that guide us, whether they’re a pat on the back or constructive criticism. Our goal is to make your experience with Call Us Lucky as fulfilling as the art that adorns our tees.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we’ll continue to paint a story that’s uniquely ours.


Chung, Jylene, and Alex


At Call Us Lucky our mission is to transform the universally worn graphic tee into more than just a t-shirt. We strive to create it into a unique, digitally hand-drawn, artistic expression. Our most important goal is to create graphic tees that resonate with individuals from all walks of life, fostering a connection through the language of art. Our passion is to bring imagination to life on the fabric, one shirt at a time.

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